Tangipahoa Parish Local Professionals

As a part of the Fleur De List, you can find local professionals in Tangipahoa Parish that play an important part when buying and selling Real Estate. Such as appraisers, home inspectors, termite inspectors, real estate photographers, etc. Phone numbers, email addresses, and website links are listed for your convenience.


1. Joseph Mier & Associates

Phone: 985-230-0730

Website: https://www.jmappraisers.com/


2. Murphy Appraisal

Phone: 985-310-4990

Website: www.murphyappraisal.com


3. Bickford Appraisal Group

Phone: 985-429-9402

Website: https://www.bickfordappraisalgroup.com/


Home Inspectors

1. Cypress Home Inspections, LLC

Phone: 985-662-4146

Website: https://www.cypresshomeinspections.net/


2. Home Inspections by Boehm

Phone: 228-222-7080

Email: boehminspections@gmail.com

Website: https://homeinspectionsbyboehm.com/


3. HDMK Home Inspection by Hayden Bell

Phone: 225-270-3708

Website: https://www.hdmk.net/


Pest Inspectors

1. JA-ROY Pest Control

Phone: 985-419-2671

Website: https://ja-roy.com


2. J&J Exterminating-Hammond

Phone: 985-345-8650

Website: https://jjext.com


3. Absolute Termite Control, Inc.

Phone: 985-386-2847

Website: www.facebook.com/absolutetermite

Home Stagers

See Home Stagers-St. Tammany Parish

We could not find any home stagers in Tangi Parish ☹


Real Estate Photographers

1. Ecko360 Industrial

Phone: 985-662-3600

Website: www.ecko360industrial.com