East Baton Rouge Local Professionals

As a part of the Fleur De List, you can find local professionals in East Baton Rouge Parish that play an important part when buying and selling Real Estate. Such as appraisers, home inspectors, termite inspectors, real estate photographers, etc. Phone numbers, email addresses, and website links are listed for your convenience.


1. Barnett Appraisal Services, Inc.

Phone: 225-937-7506

Email: b-a-s@cox.net

Website: www.barnettappraisalsvcs.com


2. MNP Residential

Phone: 225-278-0187

Email: nick.poor@yahoo.com

Website: www.mnpresidentialappraisals.com


3. L Smith Real Estate Group

Phone: 225-388-9002

Email: leonardpsmith2@cox.net

Website: www.lsmithrealestategroup.com


Home Inspectors

1. Advanced Building Inspections

Email: spencer@batonrougeinspection.com

Website: www.batonrougeinspection.com


2. A-Pro Home Inspection Baton Rouge

Phone: 225-663-1772

Website: http://homeinspectionbatonrouge.org/


3. HDMK Home Inspection

Phone: 888-401-4365

Email: service@HDMK.net

Website: https://www.hdmk.net/east-baton-rouge/


Pest Inspectors

1. Dugas Pest Control

Phone: 225-291-3511

Website: https://dugaspestcontrol.com/


2. Arrow Termite & Pest Control

Phone: 225-751-8900

Website: https://www.arrowtermiteandpestcontrol.com/baton-rouge-pest-control-2/


3. J&J Exterminating-Baton Rouge

Phone: 225-756-2444

Website: https://www.jjext.com/locations/baton-rouge-pest-control

Home Stagers

1. Stage Presence

Phone: 225-571-7627

Email: stagepresence4u@gmail.com

Website: http://stagepresence4u.com/


2. M. B. Smith Design

Phone: 225-485-4406

Website: http://www.mbsmithdesign.net/


Real Estate Photographers

1. Joey Bordelon Photography

Phone: 225-366-9314

Website: http://www.joeybordelon.com/


2. Zack Tullier Photography

Phone: 225-320-2526

Website: https://www.batonrougevideographer.com/